The Offering

A woman travels to Brazil looking for a great fortune teller to help her on a quest for love. But what she finds out will change her life forever.   



The objective was to use elements from Brazil's culture and religion to create an interesting and engaging story while improving my skills as a motion designer and illustrator.  




Style Frames:

Tools Used

Illustrator CC was used to create all the illustrations including the coloring process.  
Photoshop CC was used to texture the assets, create layers of lighting and colour correction and also for the cell animation.  
After Effects was used to animate and do all the post-production work.   

Honors and Awards

2015 | Adobe Design Achievement Awards

Semifinalist of "Animation" Category.

2015 | Applied Arts Student Awards
(Applied Arts Magazine)
Winner of "Digital Animation" Category.

2015 | Best Art Direction 
(Vancouver Film School)
Winner of "Best Art Direction" Category.


Animation: Yan Jamacaru
Illustration: Yan Jamacaru
Script: Yan Jamacaru
Sound Design: Emily Halberstadt
Voice-Over: Louise Lee